How to secure his CIR ?
Mainly the expenditures concerning human and material ressources allocated to R&D inside the company, contracted out research, technology watch and catch and defence of patents
Companies may have recourse to the proxcedure, so called "rescrit fiscal", that gives them the possibility of having an opinion of the taxes administration and the MESR on the eligibility of their R&D works before the projects start. The answer wait is about 3 months. Failing which, a favourable opinion is considered accepted and opposable with a subsequent control. Otherwise, the article L13 CA of the fiscal procedures book provides for the eventuality of an official request from the fiscal administration, including for the exercise in process, on the sur l'affectation de leurs dépenses de R&D.
This page is only a simplified document. For complementary and actualised information, please contact the MESR. This document can't replace a reference to legislative texts, neither to rules and regulations, nor to fiscal applicable instructions.
Research tax credit (C.I.R.)
How to receive his tax credit ?
The CIR is imputed on the tax to pay, otherwise, he is restored at the end of the third year. However, he is immediatly restored : - to new companies (l'année de création et les quatre années suivantes) ; - to new innovative companies and to growing small businesses (gazelles). Companies who can't either impute it, or become a reimbursement for it, have the following option : to mobilize the debt on the state that the CIR represents at a finance company (BNP Paribas, Oséo, Société Générale). Since 2008, the CIR is only based on the declared volume of R&D. It is worth : - 30% for the first bracket until 100 millions euros of R&D outlays; - Beyond, the tax credit rate turns to 5% of R&D outlays; - For companies who are asking for this help for the first time, the first bracket rate is increased to 50% the first year and to 40% the second year.
- Every industrial, commercial or agricultural companies. - Associations regulated by the law 1901 (under certain conditions)
Who cans receive that ?
SHAKTIWARE is officialy recognized as holder of the Research tax credit . Each cutomer can this way optimize his investments thanks to the C.I.R. . This system (under certain conditions) is a public help that allows the increase of companies competitivness by supporting their Research and Development activity. The CIR is a fiscal incentive to research and innovation. This system helps each company to increase his innovation capacity and to reinforce his competitivness. Information:
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